NFP Training Grant

Franciscan Health and St. Vincent Health are major financial sponsors for this grant.


This grant is intended to increase awareness of and enhance access to Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABMs) of family planning and reproductive health monitoring in the Central Indiana community.

These funds are prioritized for medical professionals seeking to enrich their knowledge of FABMs or attain certification/training that will enhance their ability to care for their patients and the community. However, we do not preclude any specific activities from consideration and are open to applications that you may feel would meet the aforementioned goal.

The grant funds are made possible by local private donors and institutional sponsors, currently including St. Vincent Health.

The awarding of grant funds is made at the discretion of the St. Raphael Catholic Medical Association Guild of Indianapolis Board of Officers and Committee Chair(s). This may be by reimbursement or direct payment, depending on the description of need and logistical challenges.



Erin Kay MUCOM Medical Student - FACTS Elective

Andrea Velazquez - MUCOM Medical Student - FACTS Virtual CME Event


George Kane MD


Joshua Frederick MD

Marc Radabaugh MD


Margaret Direnzo

Maria Hernandez

Sonia Maria Raposo


Holly Smith MD

Emily Krach MS4

For NFP only physicians in the area, click here.

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